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    How to help employees express creativity and increase productivity? How to create a dynamic, creative company culture to help businesses become strong? How to help employees express creativity and increase productivity? Below, Vinalab brings the Top 50 hottest teambuilding games today for your reference.

    A. The games start

    1.Punch – Squeeze – Rub

    + Number of participants: Unlimited

    + Tools: No tools, combined with vibrant music

    + How to play: The MC or game manager gathers the team into a vertical line or circle. When the music starts playing, the MC will give the command "back punch" and the person behind will punch the back of the person in front. The same goes for the command "rub your back, squeeze your shoulders, hug your waist..." Then everyone will turn around and do the opposite for the other person.

    + Purpose: This is a light warm-up game, moving muscles and creating refreshing, natural laughter with other members of the company.

    2. Dance to the music with Team Leader

    + Number of participants: Unlimited, divided into several teams, each team about 10 people is reasonable

    + Tools: Prepare 5-7 pieces of music of different genres

    + How to play: The organizers prepare different music pieces. Each team will have a Team Leader elected to draw the theme and each team will have about 7 - 10 minutes to practice dancing based on that music. By using their creativity and musical ability, the team that dances correctly to the musical theme and most beautifully will win.

    + Purpose: The game will promote the role of the leader, apply creativity, and express the spirit and unique identity of each team.

    3. Pass people on

    + Number of participants: Unlimited, divided into many different teams

    + Tools: None

    + How to play: Teams sit down in a vertical row at the previously assigned position. Each team selects 5 members to stand first in line. The task of each team is that, when given a signal from the MC, the sitting members will use their hands to transport the selected person one by one from the front of the line to the bottom of the line as quickly as possible. The team that transports the last person first will win.

    + Purpose: This demonstrates team spirit, sacrifice, and responsibility for the common goal of the team.

    4. Connection circle

    + Number of participants: Unlimited

    + Instruments: Exciting music

    + How to play: All members will form a circle, the person in front takes turns sitting on the lap of the person behind to form a tight circle. When the background music starts, you must follow the game leader's orders and move in the right direction. If any position in the group falls or separates, they will be fined.

    + Purpose: The game helps people get closer together, freeing up energy to continue participating in the next challenges.

    5. Sort LOGO

    + Number of participants: Unlimited

    + Tools: None

    + How to play: The MC or game manager will control everyone to form a picture according to the company's logo or slogans and letters that symbolize the company's brand. While forming the puzzle, the MC plays exciting music and the members will dance according to instructions. Meanwhile, photography will save the company's wonderful moments. Businesses can also rent Flycams to create realistic and fun movies.

    + Purpose: This is quite interesting and suitable for large companies that want to save memories and moments for the whole company.

    B. Indoor team building games (team building indoor)

    6. Find change

    + Number of participants: An even number, from 10 people or more

    + Tools: None

    + How to play: Each turn consists of 2 people standing opposite each other, and have 5 minutes to observe the opponent. Then the two people come back together, within 2-5 minutes each person will change their own body characteristics (sleeves, pants, hair, glasses...). After time runs out, the two people turn around and stand facing each other. Whoever finds the most changed characteristics wins.

    + Purpose: The game will train the ability to observe and focus on a certain purpose.

    7. Solid table

    + Number of participants: 3 teams, each team has 5 people

    + Tools: None

    +How to play: Team members will sit on each other's laps. When sitting firmly, the leader will give the order 1-2-3 and everyone will lean back and lie on the person behind them. Move so that one person's head lies on the other person's lap to create a solid table. The team that lasts the longest until the end wins.

    + Purpose: This game demonstrates the importance of cohesion, enhancing trust in group members and the responsibility of each individual.

    8. Drawing relay

    + Number of participants: From 10 people or more in even numbers

    + Tools: pen and white paper

    + How to play: Each team will stand in a vertical line and turn their backs to each other. The first person receives the answer from the MC and is responsible for drawing that answer on paper and showing it to the second person. The second person looks back, remembers and redraws for the third person, and so on to the last person. Each person's viewing time for the drawing is 10 seconds. The winning team will be the team with the most correct answers.

    + Purpose: The game promotes understanding teammates, knowing how to help and share with each other.

    9. Sound Battle

    + Number of participants: 4 teams, each team has 5 - 7 people

    + Equipment: 1 headphone for each person

    + How to play: Each team lines up in a vertical line and wears headphones with music loud enough so you can't hear them outside. Each team nominates one friend to look at any couplet or idiom of the program and pass it on to teammates from first to last. The team that answers more answers within the allotted time will win.

    + Purpose: If you are looking for an exciting and exciting activity, this is a game suitable for all ages.

    10. Colored squares are difficult to play

    + Number of participants: Divide into 3 teams, each team has 3 people

    +Tools: Large canvas with colorful circles. A large dice with different colored circles printed on each side corresponding to the canvas.

    + How to play: Spread the tarp on a large flat surface. Members of each team stand on any canvas. When the game leader rolls the dice, the members of each team must immediately use their body parts to occupy the colored squares. The winning team is the team that gets the most colored squares on the canvas within 15 minutes.

    + Purpose: This game requires players to be skillful, using both physical strength and eyesight to capture the most colored squares for their team. This is also an indoor teambuilding game that is extremely suitable for office workers who often sit in one place.

    D. Fun outdoor team building games

    11. Team wheel

    + Number of participants: Divided into 5 teams, each team has 7 - 10 people

    + Tools: Large canvas 5m long, 50cm diameter sewn together to shape like a wheel. Plastic basket and ball

    + How to play: All team members will stand on that wheel canvas. How to work together to move the wheel to the destination. At the end line, there will be a captain standing and throwing the ball into the basket. The team that throws the most balls in 20 minutes will win.

    + Purpose: The game promotes the role of the leader, the smooth coordination between team members and the trust of employees in the manager.

    12.The road to success

    + Number of participants: Unlimited

    + Tools: Each team has 3 bamboo sticks 70cm long

    + How to play: Each team receives props of 3 bamboo poles for 6 people to stand in pairs in a vertical line. We will appoint one person to walk on that bamboo rampart. When there is a signal from the MC, the player will move in a rolling pattern, transporting people on the bamboo railing so that their feet cannot touch the ground until they reach the finish line. The team that moves the most people to the finish line within the allotted time will win.

    + Purpose: To improve the strength of the entire team, everyone has their own tasks, but only by knowing how to unite and work as a team can they complete it successfully and win.

    13. Find your other half

    + Number of participants: Unlimited

    + Tools: Hearts made of colored paper, about 4 colors (half the number of players). Then use serrated scissors to divide the heart into 2. Note: cut so that the hearts have different cut lines. One half is written IF, the other half is written THEN.

    + How to play: The game leader divides the team into 2 equal groups. Each person will be given half a heart. Each person's mission will be written on their half of the heart according to the request (If or Then). After everyone finishes writing, the MC will shout "find half of your heart". Players quickly find their other half by comparing the cuts of the two matching halves. The 10 fastest couples will be selected, and finally there will be a comment section IF... THEN... from the couples. Choose the 3 couples with the most charm and meaning who will win and receive gifts.

    + Purpose: Increase employees' understanding and insight, promote a proactive spirit, boldly give love and enhance creativity and joy through If...Then...

    14. The road is slippery

    + Number of participants: Unlimited

    + Tools: Water bucket, large tarp, soap and water

    + How to play: Divide into several teams, each team has 7-15 people. Each team will cross a path full of soap to fill a bucket with water each time they pass an obstacle. You can punch multiple holes in the bucket to make the challenge more difficult. Other teams can block your team's path by adding soap or shooting water guns. During the specified time, the team with the most water in the bucket will win.

    + Purpose: Train ingenuity and challenge members' patience

    15. Eat yogurt blindfolded

    + Number of participants: Unlimited

    + Tools: Yogurt, blindfold

    + How to play: Each team consists of 2 people who are blindfolded. In the hand of person A will hold a box of yogurt, person A's task is to feed the yogurt to person B. However, it should not be scattered on the ground or stuck to your shirt. The team that finishes eating first will win.

    + Purpose: This is a game that requires individual ingenuity and understanding of teammates.

    E. Team building games at sea

    16. Whose team is longer?

    + Number of participants: Divide into several teams, each team has 8 - 10 people

    + Tools: None

    + How to play: Each team will line up vertically, the game leader will draw a line as a mark. After hearing the command, team members will lie down in their rows as long as possible. The team with the longest time will win. Require members not to use other materials such as hats, shirts, pants... You can vary this game into "who is shorter" or "who is taller" to increase the difficulty for employees.

    + Purpose: Help increase the spirit of solidarity in the team and promote creativity, come up with the best plan from the leader. You can combine Nha Trang tours and organize teambuilding games to save money.

    17. Bringing water into the fields

    + Number of participants: Divide into several teams, each team has 8 - 10 people

    + Tools: 2 punctured buckets, each team gets a large water pipe 1.5m long and 10cm in diameter

    + How to play: Each team sends 2 members to carry 2 buckets of water and take turns going to the beach to carry water and pour it into the tube. The remaining members are responsible for standing the water pipe upright, and the last member seals the bottom to prevent water from escaping. The team that fills the water pipe first will win.

    + Purpose: Increase solidarity, mutual support, create smooth and skillful coordination among members. The right place to play this game is Binh Ba Cam Ranh Island, suitable for large groups and organizations.

    18. Agree to slap the East Sea

    + Number of participants: Divide into several teams, each team has 8 - 10 people

    + Equipment: 1 Styrofoam water container for each team and 1 member is given 1 plastic cup

    + How to play: The first member will sit close to the edge of the sea, the foam box will be placed behind the last person sitting. When the MC gives the command, the first person will use a glass to scoop up sea water and then put it on his head to pour the water from his own glass to the glass of the person sitting behind. Just like that until the last member will put his hands on his head and pour water into the foam box behind him. After the specified time, the team with more water in the bucket will win.

    + Purpose: Increase chemistry and smooth coordination among members. You can choose a teambuilding game on Doc Let beach combined with a tour of Diep Son Island or Nha Trang Long Beach, which is also reasonable.

    19. Overtake a tank on the sand

    + Number of participants: Divide into several teams, each team has at least 3 people

    + Equipment: The canvas is large enough, enough people for each team to stand up

    + How to play: Each team will stand on the canvas. The two members standing in front are responsible for moving the canvas to the finish line. If any team touches their feet or falls, it will be considered a violation and must start over. The team that finishes first will be the winner.

    + Purpose: Increase the ingenuity and solidarity of members to overcome difficult challenges together.

    20. Bring water to the source

    + Number of participants: Divide into several teams, each team has 5-8 people

    + Equipment: Each team is given 1 bucket and 1 plastic cup

    + How to play: From the starting line about 10m above sea level and there are obstacles on the way. Each player in each team, in turn, takes a glass, crosses the obstacle, scoops water and returns along the old obstacle path to pour the glass of water into the bucket and pass it to the next person. After the specified time, the team with the higher water level will win.

    + Purpose: Increase solidarity and responsibility at work to contribute to victory for the entire team. The appropriate team playing location is at Orchid Island or Diamond Bay Resort Nha Trang.

    Above are the top 20 most popular Teambuilding games today. Check out the next part here: